Swab The Deck Quest (Alberta) - Daily Quest

Swab The Deck Quest (Alberta) - Daily Quest

Requirement: Base Level 1-150


Getting Started

First talk to the NPC in Alberta [ 104, 60 ]
"[Quest] First Mate"

I do a screenshot of what the "[Quest] First Mate" says


After you're finished talking.

It will give you a "Leaf Cat Ball"


Tips: Talk to the npc again and he will give you more "Leaf Cat Ball".
         He can give you up to 5 pcs of "Leaf Cat Ball".

After you get enough  "Leaf Cat Ball" you are now ready to catch Sticky Rat

The Sticky Rat is located at Alberta Ship in the Upper Right of Alberta

Capturing Sticky Rat

Attack the Sticky Rat

Catch the Sticky Rat using the "Leaf Cat Ball".

The Sticky Rat monster will turned into a Mystic Leaf Cat Ball
After you captured head back to "[Quest] First Mate" to submit the quest

Submiting the captured Sticky Rat

Head back to "[Quest] First Mate" and submit the quest.

After you submit the quest he will give you a 1 pcs of Shiny Bead

You can exchange Shiny Bead for a item

2 pcs Blue Potion =1 pcs Shiny Bead

1 Voyage Hat = 30 pcs Shiny Bead

Sea Cat Hat [1] = 50 pcs Shiny Bead

Navy Blue Beret = 50 pcs Shiny Bead

Sailor's Bandana [1] = 50  pcs Shiny Bead

Quest will be on after 20 hours.

Happy Questing~iAnhArt


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