Openkore BOT Auto Storage

In your config.txt set the following

storageAuto 0 ~Set this to 1 to enable the autostorage BOT!
storageAuto_npc ~Put here the NPC Location ex. prontera 190 80!
storageAuto_distance 5 ~distance how far you are to the NPC
storageAuto_npc_type 1
storageAuto_npc_steps ~Set this the response for the NPC ex. c r3 c r0 n
storageAuto_password ~Your storage password
storageAuto_keepOpen 0
relogAfterStorage 1
minStorageZeny 50

See here the "storageAuto_npc_steps" code 

After this open your items_control.txt you will set here the item you want to sell

(item name) (minimum) (auto-store) (auto-sell) [put in cart] [get from cart]
 item name    : Name of the item.
 miminum    : The minimum amount of this item that you want to keep in inventory.
 autostore    : Set to 1 to walk back to a Kapra NPC to put in storage.
 autosell    : Set to 1 to sell item at a buy/sell NPC.
 put in cart    : Set to 1 to automatically put this item in cart.
 get from cart : Set to 1 to automatically get this item from cart.

For example

If you want to store Jellopy just type
Jellopy 0 1 0

If you want to store all the item in your invertory just type
all 0 1 0


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  • gravatar Anonymous

    hi there,
    i cant seem to get it to work. If u r still responding here, plz help.
    I am on new chaos server and am in map comodo

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